Advanced Supports

The Physiologix Advanced Range provides moderate support and focused hexagonal cell matrix compression which aids in injury recovery and prevention.

Recover like a Pro

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About the Advanced Range

The Physiologix Advanced Supports Range is the intermediate level of our three ranges of sports supports.
The supports offer moderate stabilization, with the hexagonal cell matrix fabric providing focused compression to the affected area. Ranging in sizes small to extra large, there is a fit for everyone

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Designed for Comfort & Stretch

Silicone Beading for Non-Slip Fit

Designed Using Hexagonal Cell Matrix

Provides All-Day Comfort

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Watch this Youtube video to learn more about our Physiologix Advanced Range, including the features, benefits, and types of supports we offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+What is the benefit of the advanced range as opposed to the essential range?
The Advanced range offers more support and restriction than the Essential range, allowing for a more efficient recovery.
+How do I know which size support will fit me?
We have a size reference on both the packaging and description of each product on the website. This reference will allow you to pick the perfect size for you.
+What are some effective methods for post-workout recovery?
Hydration, balanced meals, stretching, and rest days are key.
+How can I speed up muscle recovery after intense training sessions?
Prioritize rest, sleep, nutrition, and consider activities like foam rolling or massage.
+Is it beneficial to use compression garments for sports recovery?
Yes, they enhance circulation and reduce soreness.