Essential Supports

The Physiologix Essential Range is designed to deliver light support and maximum comfort without restricting movement.

Recover like a Pro

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About the Essential Range

The Physiologix Essential Supports Range is the foundation level of our three ranges of supports.
The supports offer lightweight, breathable stabilization without restricting movement. The Essential Supports help to prevent re-injury without being overly constrained. Ranging in sizes small to extra large, there is a fit for everyone.


360° Stretch – Allows for a Perfect Fit

Lightweight & Durable Supports

Non-Restrictive Movement – Provides Comfort

Uniform Compression – Targets All Areas

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Watch this Youtube video to learn more about our Physiologix Essentials Range, including the features, benefits, and types of supports we offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+What are some effective methods for post-workout recovery?
Hydration, balanced meals, stretching, and rest days are key.
+How can I speed up muscle recovery after intense training sessions?
Prioritize rest, sleep, nutrition, and consider activities like foam rolling or massage.
+Is it beneficial to use compression garments for sports recovery?
Yes, they enhance circulation and reduce soreness.