Sports Strapping Tape vs Zinc Oxide Tape

Sport Strapping Tape vs Zinc Oxide Tape

When athletes suffer a strain, sprain, or injury, it is important that they have the best solutions available to ensure fast and effective recovery. Find out how our Physiologix range of zinc oxide and sports strapping can help you recover like a pro.

Benefits of Using Zinc Oxide Tape & Sports Strapping Tape

Zinc oxide and sports strapping tapes offer athletes varying degrees of compression and stability. These qualities are essential for tapes to be an effective and viable solution for athletes.

Our Physiologix range of sports strapping and zinc oxide tapes represent the highest quality of tapes on the market. They are a versatile and effective support that aid recovery, promote pain relief, and prevent injury.

Pain Relief & Recovery

Sports tapes and zinc oxide tapes help reduce pain and encourage fast recovery. The compression that the tapes provide increases blood flow to the affected area. This reduces swelling which subsequently eases pain.

Prevent Injury

Athletes are using sports and zinc oxide tapes to prevent injury. Over-worked muscles are at risk of straining or tearing. Using sports and zinc oxide tapes can significantly reduce the risks of injury as they keep muscles in a stable position.

Difference Between Sports Strapping & Zinc Oxide Tapes

Physiologix zinc oxide tape is rigid and restrictive. The rigidity of zinc oxide tape keeps weak joints in place and offers firm support.

Our Physiologix sports tape range are more elasticated. These tapes offer more flexible, which encourages a good range of motion while offering a medium level of compression and support.

Physiologix Zinc Oxide Tape

Physiologix zinc oxide tape is a heavy duty, ultra-strong, tearable tape, offering excellent performance for taping applications. Ideal for compression, support & fixation uses.


  • Highly rigid tape used to support joints by limiting movement to help injured ligaments
  • Durable and comfortable to wear, tape can remain intact for sustained periods of time
  • Designed to tolerate humid environments and friction
  • Ideal for limiting movement in injured joints and assists in preventing injury
  • Suitable for high contact sports such as rugby as it is heavy duty and remains intact for sustained periods of time
  • Easy to apply and tears without the need for scissors

Physiologix Sports Tape

The Physiologix Professional Sports Tapes are a strapping tape that are self-adhesive and provide firm support for sports sprains, and strains.


  • Elastic, self-adhesive tapes used to compress an injured muscle or joint or provide support to an injured area
  • Provides medium to firm compression, while at the same time allowing comfort and freedom
  • Can be used to secure ice packs and dressings
  • Conforms to the body part that is being taped
  • Easy to tear, no need for scissors

Consult Your Physiotherapist

Make sure to consult your physiotherapist for guidance. They will perform an evaluation and assessment to determine the best tape for your condition.

Our Physiologix sports therapy brand have the tapes and supports to help you recover like a pro. Physiologix is recognised by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists which gives athletes reassurance that you are using professionally approved and certified sports therapy solutions.